Mata Mandir Kaur Teaching

Mata Mandir offers these workshops periodically in Northern Virginia and is available to teach them to a group at your venue.

The Sacred Space Between Us – Yoga and Conscious Communication for Couples

For over 30 years, Mata Mandir has combined her love of yoga with state-of-the-art communication techniques, including Imago Dialogue, creating the perfect recipe for quality couple’s counseling and workshops. The Sacred Space Between Us is a workshop born out of this experience. Through practicing Kundalini Yoga, you become calm, open and finely attuned to yourself and your partner. In that attunement, you are guided in your participation of Imago dialogue, a technique of supportive communication that builds empathy, intimacy and joy in your relationship. It can be used as an ongoing vehicle for your personal and relationship growth. I can guide you safely as a couple as you develop new ways to hold each other in safety and create the love you want. Group sharing and music enhance the fun and heightened awareness of the workshop experience. There is a wealth of valuable techniques for you to take home and use regularly to enrich your life.

The Blessing of Presence – Being “Heart-full” and Mindful in our Service

The purpose of this seminar is to open up awareness of our personal relationship to our service. We become attuned to the needs of those we serve. We explore our own uniqueness, what gifts we bring and what growing edges we have. We become attuned to and inquisitive about what’s going on in us when we serve. We practice personal presence in the form of active listening in dialogue and group experiences.