Pastoral Counseling

heart-path2Pastoral Counseling is a therapeutic vehicle for individuals, couples, and groups in which spiritual insights and resources are integrated with the principles of modern psychology to help people achieve wholeness and health. It works not only on relational and emotional issues, but also addresses the unique spiritual journey of each client.

Because of my training in pastoral counseling, I can help you use spiritual resources toward your healing and growth.  I welcome, hold, and honor the soul of each person. Together, we explore spiritual connection with self, others, and the world, addressing questions of meaning, direction, and self-worth. It is my honor to provide a place for healing and hope and strive to provide an atmosphere where you feel safe, comfortable, and understood.

Faith can provide insight into your circumstances but it is your choice as to whether faith will be brought into the healing process.  I can help you use your own spiritual resources and practices in your healing or I can suggest other tools to facilitate your process.