Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples

Railway Couple

When the relationships in your life are working, everything else has room to flourish. Imago Relationship Therapy for couples teaches structured communication techniques to create empathy, intimacy and joy. These simple insights and dialogue skills can dramatically transform your relationship from a place of frustration and conflict to an experience of deep love and fulfillment.

Imago can be used to heal and enhance all relationships in your life. With intention, openness, insight and learned skills, your relationship can be a springboard for amazing personal growth, wholeness and love.

Imago Relationship Therapy will help you to mine the gold in your relationship, creating breakthroughs, new habits, and realizations to bridge the gap between your “stuck places” and your realized dreams. I can guide you safely as a couple as you develop new ways to hold each other in safety and experience the love you want.